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Driving action to achieve sustainable food systems.

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Making Sense of all Debates, Trends, and Influencers to deliver impact at key moments in the food system landscape like the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit, Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit 2021, COP26 etc.


Important questions. Fast answers.

Make sense of all sustainable food systems trends and the stakeholder ecosystems driving them, in real time. Monitor, engage and connect at scale at key moments in the food system landscape like the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit, Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit 2021, COP26 etc. and drive your mission to new heights to deliver valuable impact.


Data at scale. No more surprises.

Atium SENSE combines 100’s of datasets, key words ontologies and monitoring algorithms into a sustainable food systems taxonomy. It enables you to identify all key debates, influencers, and game changers to accelerate and align with your food systems-focused goals and strategy.


Stakeholder science. Simplified.

It’s applied stakeholder science, at scale and in real time. To automatically map stakeholder networks, connections, influence pathways, coalitions and generate the key metrics to show your engagements are on track.

Stakeholder science. Simplified.

One giant stakeholder ecosystem. Simple click and explore stakeholder networks, connections and influence pathways.


The Tech. Out-of-the-Box capability.

Responsive Web Application.

No download or IT integration required.


Industry leading encryption (AES GCM 256 bit key). ISO 20071 certified.


Mixed statistical and machine learning approach, NLP, sentiment analysis, entity recognition, speech tagging.

Monitoring tech.

Multi-source (Web, news, social, academic, gov’t, etc.) Real-time with dynamic key word learning.

Archived data.

Archived news going back to 2008.

Mind + Machine curated.

Because we can’t yet trust a machine.


The economics. Simple, quick, at a fraction of the cost.

Say goodbye to… expensive agencies and consultancies, hit and miss media and social monitoring, inconsistencies across regions, out-of-date reports, spreadsheets, etc. A simple, low cost monthly fee with no commitment, takes care of all of that.

Simple Subscription Model.

Monthly with no obligations.

All inclusive.

We've got you covered.

Mix and Match Value.

Scale up or scale down on demand.

Continuous delivery.

Dedicated data science team.

Future proof.

Evolving best practice framework and AI innovations.


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