This Environment & Sustainability Impact Dashboard provides a snapshot of issue insights from TSC’s ATIUM software, including: trending news, sentiment, global and regional trends in heatmaps, sector coverage breakdown in Share of Voice and key Stakeholders involved.

The pandemic has triggered debates around our production and consumption patterns - richer nations cover an increase in e-commerce spending and online activity, whereas poorer regions report a focus on access to basic needs such as food and electricity. There is an increased focus on the status of global supply chains and the shift from global to local supply chains is currently picked up as an emerging debate. If such a shift materializes, will it serve to close the basic needs gap or only widen it?

The sustainable financing debate is emerging and renewables are being covered positively, amidst a time when fossil fuel prices are at an all-time low globally - will this time prove to be the catalyst in the climate movement?

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