This Health Impact Dashboard provides a snapshot of issue insights from TSC’s ATIUM software, including: top debates, trends and coverage of key issues (trending news, sentiment), global and regional trends in heatmaps, sector coverage breakdown in Share of Voice and key Stakeholders involved.

The pandemic exposes immediate health gaps and challenges such as lack of clean water and sanitation, which currently appear topics of major concern in Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Asia. Different sectors are pitching in globally - the question is, are they providing a short-term fix (mass production of hand sanitizers) or long-term solutions (solid implementation of sanitation, hygiene and water solutions).

Air quality health index is an emerging debate - health challenges, in particular those of respiratory nature, are increasingly linked with air pollution. Will there be a positive focus on the improvement of air quality and therefore health globally? Or will the focus become negative and shift towards industrial emissions and deforestation as the root of the problem that made us vulnerable in the first place?

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