March 01, 2023 / by Jérôme Kusters / In

Reflections from SPIREC 2023

Last week, leaders from more than 100 countries came together to address how to drive renewable energy uptake. was invited to shed light on the role of innovation and multi-stakeholder collaborations to drive the global energy transition. Leaders from industry, government, civil society and academia made it clear that collaboration is key.
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Brazil's New Govt: Who's who and what can we expect

Brazil's government is now presided over for a third time by Lula and has already showcased its pragmatic style with which it seeks to govern.
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November 24, 2022 / by TSC

Key takeaways from COP27

Held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, COP27 built on the previous COP26 and brought countries together to act towards achieving the world’s collective climate goals as agreed upon under the Paris Agreement and the Convention. Here’s a short overview of the key takeaways.
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November 08, 2022 / by TSC

What you should know about Egypt hosting COP27

It was decided to label this year’s Conference of Parties (COP) the ‘African COP’. Egypt was tasked to play host. Here’s a short overview of what you should know about Egypt hosting COP27.
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October 26, 2022 / by TSC

The top 5 emerging issues in Agriculture

Discover the top emerging issues in agriculture today that threaten our food systems and how they came about.
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