February 01, 2023 / by

Brazil's New Govt: Who's who and what can we expect

Brazil's government is now presided over for a third time by Lula and has already showcased its pragmatic style with which it seeks to govern.
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November 24, 2022 / by TSC

Key takeaways from COP27

Held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, COP27 built on the previous COP26 and brought countries together to act towards achieving the world’s collective climate goals as agreed upon under the Paris Agreement and the Convention. Here’s a short overview of the key takeaways.
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November 08, 2022 / by TSC

What you should know about Egypt hosting COP27

It was decided to label this year’s Conference of Parties (COP) the ‘African COP’. Egypt was tasked to play host. Here’s a short overview of what you should know about Egypt hosting COP27.
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October 26, 2022 / by TSC

The top 5 emerging issues in Agriculture

Discover the top emerging issues in agriculture today that threaten our food systems and how they came about.
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October 18, 2022 / by TSC

3 ways to operationalise the Santiago Network

One of the highly anticipated themes of COP27 will be addressing loss and damage caused by climate change. Here are 3 ways we can operationalise the Santiago Network.
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