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January 30, 2019 / by Terence Lyons / In TSC

Public Outrage Meter – back of the envelope calculation

Is there a simple way of calculating the depth of public outrage against the many corporations in crisis mode? We doubt so, let’s it give a try anyway.

How’s this?

Public Outrage = (P+V)S x T ⁄ (R x I)


  • P = Probability of occurrence (0% – 100%). The higher the probability—with no corresponding action in redress by XYZ Corp.—the greater the outrage.
  • V = Vulnerability of XYZ Corp. to the impact (0 = None; 1 = Minimal; 2 = Moderate; 3 = Significant). The more invulnerable XYZ Corp. believes it to be, the greater the outrage.
  • S = Sentiment or likely-public-perception of the experience on a scale -3 (don’t care) to +3 (incensed). -3 where the company practice is simply too complex for the general public—think tax headquarters in Dublin—to +3—where it touches a child’s safety or exposes the confidential data of a (defenseless) public.
  • T = The time frame in which XYZ Corp. knows of the practices without taking remedial action.
  • R = Reputation of the firm -3 (reviled) to 0 (neutral) to +3 (love and adulation).
  • I = Influence XYZ Corp has to get 3rd party opinion leader support and protection (0 = low; 3 = high). And, of course, how fast that support can evaporate (like the battery cells in an iPhone).

It is a first pass at a complex subject, any better attempt is welcome!

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