August 20, 2018 / by Farheen Asim / In TSC

My Internship at TSC

I’m a rising college junior studying statistics & mathematics in Singapore, and when I first heard about the TSC internship, I thought it would be a great way to see real world applications of data science and analytics. Having just finished my internship with TSC, I think I’ve gained not only exposure to data science but also invaluable experience in all parts of the startup process. Although I signed up as a Project Management Intern, my job scope ended up involving much more as TSC gave me significant responsibility in projects, sales, and business development. I wanted to share some of the characteristics of my internship that made it a really amazing experience, and that I think anyone should look out for when looking for a summer internship.

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August 20, 2018 / by Cesare Tagliaferri / In TSC

TSC launches Atium Platform and new website

TSC is excited to announce the launch of its new ATIUM Integrated Stakeholder & Issue Management Platform - the most advanced platform of its type in the world.

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